Social Projects

Girlsskate Aachen

Girlsskate Aachen started as a social project in a workshop format from Turtlehorn, with the support from the organizations WomenWin and The GoodPush, in collaboration with Bleiberger Fabrik Aachen. The main goal of this project is to empower women in a male dominated sports field like skateboarding.

Together we overcame boundaries, learned to support each other, have fun by practicing skateboarding and making friends while these great meet ups.

Girlsskate Aachen was not only a one time project. This social project was only the start of a new skateboarding era in Aachen, Germany.

If you want to know more about skateboarding workshops and Girlsskate Aachen, you can follow @girlsskate.aachen on Instagram or take a look at their new website:

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