Política de envío

Note: During the Coronavirus Pandemic, some shipping channels may be delayed or blocked. 


Our store ships to all member states of the EU and to many other international destinations, please see the shipping section of our checkout for the most up-to-date list. If your country is not listed do not hesitate to contact us.


Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, based on the total weight of your order and the destination address you provide.

Some international orders to non-EU countries may incur additional duties and taxes – see below.

Shipping costs Germany:

Weight: 0-3kg Price: 4,99€

Weight: 3-5kg Price: 7,99€

Weight: 5-10kg Price: 22,99€

Shipping costs EU:

Weight: 0-2kg Price: 9,99€

Weight: 2-5kg Price: 16,99€

Weight: 5-10kg Price: 22,99€

Shipping costs USA:

Weight: 0-3kg Price: 55,00€

Weight: 3-6kg Price: 70,00€

Weight: 6-10kg Price: 85,00€

Shipping time:

Germany: 1-2 workdays

EU: 3-7 workdays

USA: 5-7 workdays

We don’t ship on weekends or local holidays.

Processing / Handling time:

Orders created in our store are shipped from our warehouse in Aachen, Germany. We have a processing time of 14 workdays as we produce on demand.


Note: Please check your shipping address carefully, as typos and incomplete address information are the most common cause of delivery problems and delays.

Delivery times for shipped orders will vary depending on your location and the regional carrier services available there. During peak holiday seasons this can take longer than normal, so order early to be safe!

We will send you a tracking link with your shipping confirmation e-mail, so you can check the status of the delivery at any time. If you have registered an account on our shop, you can also get this link from, your order history page.

Shipments to some regions may require a signature as proof of delivery.

Shipping outside the EU

Orders shipping to countries outside the EU an incur additional duties and taxes from your local customs authority, and the carrier may require you to pay them before completing the delivery. These can be expensive, so check with your local customs authority before ordering.