Think slow!

We are not only fashion enthusiasts who love streetwear, but most of all we love our planet. We want to establish the slow fashion approach and show that responsible, mindful fashion is possible.

Celebrate your pride in a unique way!

Upcycled Pride Flag made out of 100% textile rests! Might be from clothing you have been using before. Every piece is unique but similar to another. Handmade in a local, social production place in Aachen, Germany. 90 x 150 cm each unique pride flag.
Wear a unique piece with pride!


Since we are at the beginnings of our business, developing a thought out circular business model, you can support us by donating for Turtlehorn.
We appreciate our customers thinking around the corner, seeing fashion through a different angle, where quality & durability is important and the handcraft a high appreciated value.

"You can be both, artistic and working sustainable, if the research in the right materials and the implementation is well thought through."

- María Voth Velasco