Our Vision

  • About the Turtlehorn

    The horned turtle is representative
    of the brand, exclusive and conspicuous with the horn like the
    fashion itself, at the same time it slowly moves into slow fashion
    and works patiently down to the last detail, with the addition of
    having a fancy horn, being stylish and peculiar in its own way. 

  • Our Spirit

    We embrace the essence of urban subcultures, where the heart of our values lies in fostering community, celebrating diversity, and cherishing the freedom to express oneself authentically and uniquely. It is more than a movement; it's emancipation on wheels.

    We understand the importance of belonging, where individuals can find their tribe and be a part of something greater, while confidently being themselves. Turtlehorn is a reflection of these core values, creating a space where everyone can find a sense of home while wearing clothing that represents their true selves.

    Diversity thrives at the core of Turthorn, especially the energy of skate culture that embraces all backgrounds from  freedom to unity, and artistic flair. 

  • The slow fashion approach

    We prevent textile waste from being destroyed, where waste materials become our new raw-materials. We are genderless & one-size and produce limited on forecasted demand. Unisex and one-size clothes reduce production lead times and avoid overconsumption.

    We are not only fashion enthusiasts who love streetwear, but most of all we love our planet. We want to establish the slow fashion approach and show that responsible, mindful fashion is possible. Not only through the language of fashion, but also through special educational programs promoting a new vision on eco-conscious behavior through ethical and sustainable fashion-related workshops.

    So far, the processing of textile waste has not been taught, so it takes a visionary and inquiring mind to invent new methods. We appreciate it if you support us so that we can further expand the area of research and development.
    Learn more about our research projects and collaborations in our news.

Turtlehorn is more than just a fashion brand; it serves as a dynamic platform for engaging in discussions about sustainable fashion through various programs. We enthusiastically partner with diverse organizations globally, united by our shared commitment to ethical fashion practices. Our inclusive ethos extends to individuals from all walks of life, embracing diversity in both backgrounds and appearances, as potential representatives of Turtlehorn. As part of our initiative, we provide opportunities for both sustainable fashion enthusiasts through upcycling workshops and aspiring models through talent development workshops.

  • About the designer

    María Voth Velasco is the designer behind streetwear brand Turtlehorn. Sustainably minded, she integrates and supports social projects within her work. In addition to designing annual collections, she offers integrative and culture-promoting workshops to improve social and environmentally conscious behavior. She was born and raised in Spain, spent part of her youth in Germany, and completed her studies in fashion design at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the Netherlands in January 2020. Through internships in graphics, fashion, and textile crafts, she combines these experiences with an artistic gesture in her work. For her, fashion and art have many overlapping and symbiotic threads. Her concepts are often implemented via performances, illustrated, or represented in form, color, and pattern in clothing. In her work she emphasizes research and experimentation, examining materials in particular. She often collaborates with craftsmen, technicians, or material researchers for specific projects.

  • "Waste materials are our new raw materials "

    -María Voth Velasco


Since we are at the beginnings of our business, developing a thought out circular business model, you can support us by donating for Turtlehorn.
We appreciate our customers thinking around the corner, seeing fashion through a different angle, where quality & durability is important and the handcraft a high appreciated value.