Collection 'Survivors of the Future' (SOTF 23/24) @ DOORS NYC during NYFW24

Collection 'Survivors of the Future' (SOTF 23/24) @ DOORS NYC during NYFW24

Representation of the collection 'Survivors of the Future' at DOORS NYC

This gorpcore & earthy collection 'Survivors of the Future' (SOTF 23/24) is inspired by a fictive folk living in our future, that has overcome wars and natural phenomena, adapting by natural human evolution living a subsistencial lifestyle based on ascendantal heritage.
It is new upcycled streetwear out of already used resources in natural earth tones, inspired into a neo-apocalyptical gorpcore style.

DOORS NYC, the flagship store located in SoHo, NY, recently hosted a captivating showcase of the 'Survivors of the Future' collection during New York Fashion Week in February 2024. This event not only brought together a wonderful collaboration Turtlehorn x Anousha, bringing in high-end creative jewelry handcrafted out of human hair and other found & recycled materials. It also brought together fashion enthusiasts, industry experts, and influencers to witness the innovative designs and artistic vision of the collection.

What Sets the 'Survivors of the Future' Collection Apart?

One of the key distinguishing factors of the Survivors of the Future collection is its commitment to sustainability in wearable streetwear fashion. The designer María Voth Velasco utilized recycled materials, innovative production techniques, and eco-friendly practices to create a truly unique and environmentally conscious annual clothing line. 

During the showcase at DOORS NYC, attendees were treated to a visual feast of earthy colors, tribal looks and unconventional material combinations. The collection featured a mix of statement pieces, including human hair pieces, upcycled shoe pieces, and dystopian styles that captivated the audience.


Experience the 'Survivors of the Future' Collection

If you missed the showcased fashion performance at DOORS NYC, don't worry! The 'Survivors of the Future' collection is now available for purchase at the concept store in SoHo or at our website! Immerse yourself in the world of avant-garde, circular fashion and sustainability by exploring this gorpcore streetwear collection in person. Visit our stores and discover the future of fashion!

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