María Voth Velasco is the designer behind the streetwear brand Turtlehorn.

She deals with sustainable fashion, integrating and supporting social projects within her work. She not only designs and works on her annual collections, but also offers integrative and culture-promoting workshops to improve social and environmentally conscious behavior.

She was born and raised in Spain, spent part of her youth in Germany and completed her fashion design studies at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD) in the Netherlands in January 2020.

Through numerous internships in the field of graphics, fashion and textile crafts, she combines these experiences with an artistic gesture in her work. For her, fashion and art have always been close together, with overlapping and symbiotic threads. The concepts are often implemented in shape of performances, illustrated or represented in form, color and pattern in clothing. In her work she places great emphasis on research and experimentation to achieve better results. It is a form of creative research, examining the material in particular.

In the creative process, it is very important to her to carry out many material, shape, color and technical experiments of the product. They often work together with other people such as craftsmen, technicians or material researchers for specific projects or collaborations.

About the Turtlehorn

The horned turtle is representative
of the brand, exclusive and conspicuous with the horn like the
fashion itself, at the same time it slowly moves into slow fashion
and works patiently down to the last detail, with the addition of
having a fancy horn, being stylish and peculiar in its own way.

Think slow!
We are not only fashion enthusiasts who love streetwear, but most
of all we love our planet. We want to establish the slow fashion approach and show that responsible, mindful fashion is possible.

Why we need new techniques

So far, the processing of textile waste
has not been taught, so it takes a visionary and inquiring mind
to invent new methods. We appreciate if you support us so that we can further expand the area of research and development.

The slow fashion approach

Recycling materials: we prevent textile waste from being destroyed, where waste materials become our new raw-materials.

We are unisex & one-size and produce on demand. Unisex and one-size clothes reduce production lead times and avoid overconsumption.

Circular services: Managed after sales cycle without end in the bin.